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30 Minutes of Wonderful

23 November 1980
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1965 chevy truck, 1966 ford mustang, 311, antique cars, atlanta braves, baking, barenaked ladies, baseball, biloxi, books, books-a-million, broken lizard, brownies, cajun, candles, cds, celeb gossip, central lafourche high school, chipper jones, chocolate chip cookies, chuck taylors, class of 1998, college football, converse, country music, cruisin the coast, csi, daisies, dead poets society, death valley, digital camera, dogs, dooney & bourke, dvds, ed robertson, edward norton, entourage, fairies, family guy, flip flops, flowers, ford expedition, ford mustang, george carlin, german shepherd, ghost hunters, ghost hunters international, ghost stories, ghosts, gulfport, halloween, handbags, harry potter, haunted, hey dude, houma, house m.d., infertility, ipod, jack johnson, jackass, jim creeggan, kevin hearn, kiwibox, lafourche, les miles, lockport, louisiana, lsu, lsu football, lsu tigers, mad tv, magnets, mardi gras, marriage, mitch hedberg, movies, mtv, music, new orleans, new orleans saints, nick stokes, oak alley plantation, old navy, old school nickelodeon, oldies, photography, plantations, plants, pop music, purses, raceland, reading, rent, ryan hurst, salute your shorts, sara bareilles, scrapbooking, scrapbooks, shoes, shopping, snl, sons of anarchy, south park, starbucks, steel magnolias, sunflowers, super troopers, target, terrebonne, the beach boys, the dukes of hazzard, thibodaux, tiger stadium, tinkerbell, true crime books, ttc, tyler stewart, vintage cars, wdsu, white chocolate mocha